Must-Visit Museums in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city with a fascinating heritage and a deep, eventful history. Visiting one of its museums is a great way to immerse yourself in their culture. Luckily, the city is dotted with countless incredible museums that’ll take you on an amazing journey; one that transcends art, history, science, and space. They all tell unique stories of how HK was shaped into what it is today. No matter which museum you visit, prepare to get a different perspective of the city as you learn more about this special administrative region.

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There are numerous museums in Hong Kong that’ll leave you spoilt for choice. There’s also a variety of niches they collectively cover, making it even harder to choose. To help you come up with a satisfactory decision, here are some of the most sensational museums in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Museum of History

There’s no denying that there’s something special about Hong Kong’s history, so much so that it would be worthwhile to explore. There’s no better way to dive deep into this than visiting the Hong Kong Museum of History. Collectively, the museum has close to 700,000 items that tell the tale of the city’s growth over the years. Artifacts range from prehistoric times, early stages of British rule, the Opium Wars, and the reunification with China. The crown jewel of this institution is an exhibit called the Hong Kong Story. It takes you on a journey through the events that shaped the city. It comprises of eight galleries, several multimedia displays, and chilling life-size replicas. On top of this marvelous exhibit, there are plenty of other things to observe, some of which are unique to the museum.

Hong Kong Museum of Science

This museum offers an incredible interactive experience as you explore the demos on science and technology. Numerous topics are covered in the state of the art museum including cybernetics, astrology, and molecular gastronomy. The major highlight of the museum is the Energy Machine; a 22-meter-high exhibition that also acts as the institution’s centerpiece. The contraption is more than 20 years old, which demonstrates the conversion of energy. Other interesting exhibitions include the Transport section which features a DC-3 airliner and the World of Mirrors gallery.

Hong Kong Museum of Art

With more than 16,000 works of art on display, it’s safe to say that the Hong Kong Museum of Art is ranked among the top art collections in the whole world. You’ll find all sorts of Chinese antiques, paintings, and calligraphy works in the museum. There are also themed exhibitions that are held in the museum from time to time, which attract amazing artists from all over the world. The museum has undergone renovations to include a new annex building which will house more works of art.

Hong Kong Space Museum

This museum beckons space and science enthusiasts alike. The Hong Kong Space Museum features a planetarium whose ceiling makes up a dome shape that’s iconic to the institution. You can travel the vast expanse of space in the planetarium with visual effects that will make you feel like you’re really in outer space. You can also visit the Hall of Astronomy and the Hall of Space Science for more exhibitions and geeky gadgetry.

Tai Kwun, Center for Heritage and Art

This art space sits where the Central Police Station complex once called home. It is one of Hong Kong’s biggest conservation projects that cost the city more than three billion Hong Kong dollars. This institution is more than just a museum as it allows visitors to walk the corridors of the former Victoria Prison, Central Magistracy, and Central Police Station. Visitors get a unique opportunity to observe the well-maintained historic architecture. The museum also has numerous contemporary art exhibitions and houses several bars and restaurants.

Though the city of Hong Kong has plenty to offer in terms of museums, these are definitely the most iconic ones that are a must-visit whenever you’re touring HK.